Joni & Nick

Devoted to longtime girlfriend, Joni Mettler. Loving family entails a wonderful mother, loyal father, one brother and six adorable nieces and nephews.

August 22, 1974

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
1992 - 1995
St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX
1996 – 2003
Bachelor of Fine Arts

• Owner, Premier Sports Art Company
• Professional Football Player, (AFL)
• Graduate of Higher Education
• Positive Impact on Our Youth

American Cancer Society
Austin Wranglers
Gridiron Heroes



Nicholas S. Johnson
Artist/CEO of Team Victorious

Nicholas S. Johnson is the Artist and CEO of Team Victorious. His passion for creating innovative sports art began in 2003; ironically that was the year he retired as a professional football player in the Arena Football League. Click above to view highlights.

Born August 22, 1974 in London, England, Nick was blessed with the artistic skills of an athlete as well as a pencil artist. While growing up in Austin, TX, throughout his adolescent years, the sport of football was consistent as he was earned a scholarship to play Division I football for Hofstra University in New York. Following a successful career in the AFL, Nick founded Team Victorious in 2003 with the creation of his ever popular football design, VICTORIOUS®.

From the beginning, his intense emotion entailed in creating each powerful design has allowed Team Victorious to develop into one of the premier sports art companies across the nation. His relentless drive to satisfy customers is not only apparent when viewing his artwork but is also evident regarding the delivery of any and all products.

“I believe my experience as a professional artist and businessman along with the quality of work entailed, will allow all prospects to entertain my ideas, believe in my vision and team of experts, and push forward with our quality products” - Nick Johnson

Drawing is Nick’s key to maintaining his competitive nature instilled from the world of sports.

Cartoon graphics with the attempt to duplicate began at the age of five. From the beginning, creating artwork with the use of a pencil struck him as magical. And, over the years, that magical process had its way with him, leading the future entrepreneur from hobby to professional artist. Creating a sense of realistic artwork fills Nick with the need to accomplishment and conquer and has proven to be the vehicle for translating inner vision to outer reality.

As a former professional football player in the Arena Football League, the repetitive nature entailed in artistry reminds Nick of the countless hours it took to master the profession of an athlete on the gridiron. The magic he created on and off the field freed his imagination and provided many opportunities within the sports-art market.

During his last year of play, 2003, Nick was inspired and invigorated by an established artist, Tim Cortes, whose impressionable work empowered Nick to capture the true passion of the game regarding his own style of sports art. The renewed sense of team pride awed by the detail-oriented characteristics of his work has allowed Nick to create rich, powerful hand-drawn designs & portraits. Once completed, the black & white uniformed striations along with a splash of color, creatively compliment its custom framing & matting. “It’s truly an honor to provide quality artwork that scales the walls of countless homes, offices & athletic facilities and I look forward to providing the same to you” - Nick Johnson